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Residential Window Cleaning

"My windows are flawlessly sparkling. The gentlemen was kind and courteous. I am so impressed by the exceptional caliber of work."

- Cynthia D., Lansing
Customer since 2002
Service performed by Barry


An Exceptional Value! Our Standard Window Cleaning Service Includes:

Home Window Cleaning Technician

Brett Eckhart, with us since 2000


We can't control the weather but we guarantee that you won't have spots on  your glass for at least 48-hours after your cleaning. If you see spots, we'll be happy to return and remove them. Just give us a call.

Residential Window Cleaning 48-Hour No Rain Spots Guaranteed

Dennis Sokol, with us since 1997


Its easy to say "satisfaction guaranteed", but for us its personal. We know that the ONLY reason for our success is that YOU trust us to deliver window cleaning perfection, our reputation and our entire business depend on keeping that trust. We're not satisfied with our work until you are.

Window Cleaning Satisfaction Guaranteed

Brett Eckhart, with us since 2000


We're really picky. We hate streaks and spots on windows, so we only use scratch-free, streak-free methods that remove 100% of the dirt, and leave nothing behind but a clean, fresh scent. We promise, if you see streaks after we  leave, just call and we will return to touch it up.

What Can You Expect When our Technician Arrives at your Home?

We start by arriving on time. Next, we take care to protect your home's surfaces - such as interior flooring, floor coverings and furniture, as well as the exterior landscaping, flowers and your home's siding. Then we gently wash your glass surfaces - thoroughly removing dirt, spots, fingerprints, smudges, grease, and film - then squeegee them to a spot-free shine. This scratch-free, streak-free method removes 100% of the dirt, and leaves nothing behind but a clean, fresh scent. And if it rains within 48 hours of our visit, we guarantee your windows will remain spotless or we'll come back and touch them up at no charge.

Have you ever hesitated to have workers in your home?

We understand your concerns. Our company was founded more than 30 years ago by Lianne Miller, who still loves cleaning windows. "I understand our homes are our personal space," says Lianne. "As a woman, I understand we want to feel at ease with whomever is working in our home, especially someone like a window cleaner who will be working in every room of our house.  That is why we go to great lengths to be sure that every technicians of ours is personable, clean cut, polite, considerate, well trained, unobtrusive, discerning, and of course honest and trustworthy at all times."

"I felt very comfortable having him in my home.
He was professional and on time, he took his shoes off at the door and answered all my questions. "

- Says Susanne G., Okemos, Service by Barry

"Kyle was a nice, friendly person.
It was a pleasure having him here."

- Says Kathleen S., Okemos, Service by Kyle

Today, Great Lakes Window Cleaning is a family-owned business, not a franchise - which tends to have great looking marketing materials from the national franchise; whereas our marketing materials, website and photos are of people who are our employees right here in Lansing; the same people that will come to your home and we are dedicated to local customers and their satisfaction right here in the greater Lansing area for over 30 years.

To ensure you are both pleased and feel secure every cleaning technician goes through a challenging hiring process that begins with an extensive background check. Then, they must meet our stringent standards for ethics, courteous behavior and outstanding customer service. Only after they've met those requirements do they undertake our rigorous 13-week training course that includes 500 pages of written training, much on the special demands of working respectfully and discerningly in a private home plus a two year hands on apprentice program.

As a result, our technicians are fully qualified experts who also love their jobs. Each has on the average 8 years of cleaning experience. Each is fully insured and bonded. And each and every one is careful, courteous, and concerned about your comfort and the condition of your home - from their uniformed shirts down to their clean, white socks (after all, we do remove our shoes when working indoors)

Residential Window Cleaning Specialists

Brett Eckhart Residential Window Cleaning Technician

Brett Eckhart

Joined in 2000

Barry Pearson residential window cleaning technician

Barry Pearson

Joined in 2003

Dan Sweet Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning Technician

Dan Sweet

Joined in 1998

James Whittaker Window Cleaning Technician, High Rise window washing Trainee

James Whittaker

Joined in 2008

Kyle Quinn Window Cleaning Technician, High Rise Window Cleaning technician

Kyle Quinn

Joined in 2008

Kiefer Hernandez Residential window cleaning technician

Kiefer Hernandez

Joined in 2012

Andy Georgi Residential Window Cleaning Technician

Andy Georgi

Joined in 2012

Bryan Koteles Residential Window Cleaner

Bryan Koteles

Joined in 2014

Lee Salmon Residential Window Cleaner

Lee Salmon

Joined in 2014

Ed Emmerich, Residential Window Cleaning

Ed Emmerich

Joined in 2014

Todd Hale

Joined in 2016

Cody Hobbins

Joined in 2016

As always I am very pleased with your service. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Carolyn H, Diamondale
Customer since 2005
Service by Brett

Good job as always. Thank you.

Dolores N, Holt
Customer since 1999


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